The Winter Line Stories

Real-life accounts of the unheralded heros of the Italian Campaign of WWII

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WWII Related Links:

World War II Interactive History Map

Duane Schultz, Author of "Crossing the Rapido, a Tragedy of WWII"
Don North War Stories
The Liberation Trilogy - An excellent trio of WWII in the ETO books by Rick Atkinson
B-25 Mitchell Medium Bombardment Groups of the MTO
Wikipedia References - a collection of Wikipedia pages used for research on Winter Line Stories

Videos from the Italian Campaign:

A summary of the Italian Campaign from Salerno to Rome
Note that The Winter Line was also referred to as the "Gustav Line" mentioned in this documentary

A John Huston Documentary of the Battle of San Pietro
The attacks were spearheaded by the 36th Infantry "T-Patchers"
My Grandfather spent most of his time embedded with the 36th

A Presentation of "The Death of Captain Wasko" by Ernie Pyle.
The best known piece by the most accomplished correspondent of WWII

Full Length Documentary of the Combat Cameramen in Action (128 mins)

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