The Winter Line Stories

Real-life accounts of the unheralded heros of the Italian Campaign of WWII

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WWII Related Links:

World War II Interactive History Map

Duane Schultz, Author of "Crossing the Rapido, a Tragedy of WWII"
Don North War Stories
The Liberation Trilogy - An excellent trio of WWII in the ETO books by Rick Atkinson
B-25 Mitchell Medium Bombardment Groups of the MTO
Wikipedia References - a collection of Wikipedia pages used for research on Winter Line Stories

Videos from the Italian Campaign:

A summary of the Italian Campaign from Salerno to Rome
Note that The Winter Line was also referred to as the "Gustav Line" mentioned in this documentary

A John Huston Documentary of the Battle of San Pietro
The attacks were spearheaded by the 36th Infantry "T-Patchers"
My Grandfather spent most of his time embedded with the 36th

A Presentation of "The Death of Captain Waskow​" by Ernie Pyle.
The best known piece by the most accomplished correspondent of WWII

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